Spirit of the Word

Kapiti Coast 

The truth in nature shines forth to the spirit. From the truth in art the spirit shines forth.

(Rudolf Steiner)

The Spirit of the Word School offers professional training for actors and speakers, as well as professional development and self development for those interested. The programme involves the whole human being in body, soul and spirit.

Rudolf Steiner’s Speech and Drama Course of 1924 gave a new direction to this art. The training is based on working with the Living Word. The creative forces of the sounds of language bring poetry to life; and on the foundation of a sound-permeated, spoken word a new dramatic technique is acquired.

The curriculum evolves from epic (narrative) to drama, and culminates in lyrical speech. This is a powerful process of inner transformation, facilitated by various movement disciplines; principally Eurythmy and Greek Gymnastics. Other art forms, study and research projects also support the process.

The course will have the flexibility to accommodate individual needs and progress of the student; prior experience will be taken into account.

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